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certified Pink Ribbon Program Post Rehabilitative Breast Cancer Specialist
"I was diagnosed with breast cancer over the five years ago. First, the operation where the mass was removed (along with 22 lymph nodes resulting in lymphedema); then chemo and radiation followed. It was a year I’ll never forget. Always tired, lacked enthusiasm and little zest for life. Something had to be done….then I discovered Pilates!

I wanted an instructor with a sense of humor, a kind and compassionate individual who would push me ever so slowly to build the foundation of understanding Pilates. Joni was recommended and I’ve never looked back. Sure, there were days that I could barely do what she asked, but in time, ordeal became the ordinary. I was indeed getting stronger, more flexible and feeling much better about myself.

Claremont Sanctuary Pilates offers more than just exercise. I have met many wonderful people from all walks of life within the studio. We shared classes, shared stories and shared lots of laughs. What a wonderful atmosphere…a safe haven in downtown Claremont!"

—Jane W

"Pilates has truly transformed my life. I have severe arthritis in both knees and lower back issues and extremely over weight and did not think there was an exercise plan out there for me. The instructor proved me wrong. My first Pilates session, she had me moving for over 45 minutes, all pain free. I am more flexible, my balance is better and my core strength has improved tremendously. With her knowledge and expertise she was able to adapt the exercises to meet my limitations and soon my limitations have lessened and I can not only do the more challenging exercises, I am able to lead my everyday life in less pain."
—Carol H.

"Why is it that every time I look forward to another Pilates session? Why flying to California from Paris was your Pilates studio a main attraction of course outside of visiting my grandson?

The answer lies in the morale, physical effects, and the very pleasant atmosphere of the studio. And all this could not happen without your patient and smiling expertise, and in the studio Joni's warm greetings and everyone's welcome.

As an 80 year old man, I arrived in Claremont quite depressed and physically in very bad shape.

The positive morale effects were the fastest with the pleasure of taking control of my body and forcing the mind to be here and now and not to dwell on the past without rest. It is concentrating on life itself. The body now is much stronger, spectacular improvements everywhere notably the abs and back muscles.

I am leaving for Paris and for a few days will not have to do the hundreds! Thank you.

Please also extend thanks to Maddie she took care of me with the same kind of expertise and smiling patience, trademarks of the studio?"
—Jacques R.


pilatesJoni Iqal is a STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor as well as a certified Pink Ribbon Program Joni IqalPost Rehabilitative Breast Cancer Specialist. Pink Ribbon ProgramShe has lived in the Claremont Community for more than 25 years and has been involved in many community organizations during that time. Her passion for pilates started many years ago as a client. As an avid walker, competing in marathons and the 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk, Joni found Pilates to be a perfect complement to her exercise regimen. Pilates helped with strength, toning, flexibility and balance.

Joni is certified in mat, reformer, cadillac, chair and barrels. She works with many people ranging from teen athletes to rehab clients. Her extensive training has taught her to address a clients needs and create a program that will provide a balanced and challenging workout. Her goal is to provide strength, flexibility, balance and coordination while enjoying the flow of the mind-body connection.

Whether you are a novice to exercise or are looking for an athletic challenge, Joni can provide a program that will help you get to the next level. Sharing her passion for Pilates is infectious, and you will find yourself looking forward to her fun-filled workouts. Contact Joni to schedule an appointment.

pilates Stephanie Davis has Full Certification in STOTT Pilates, which includes Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, and Barrels, Levels 1 and 2.Stephanie Davis

Stephanie lives in Claremont and has been teaching at Sanctuary since December 2016.

"I became a Pilates Instructor as a second career at 52 years old. I was a client for many years and wanted a deeper knowledge of the practice I had become addicted to! I love helping clients gain body awareness and muscle control. When intent, breath, and movement synchronize, the results are amazing!" Contact Stephanie to schedule an appointment.

pilates Lisa Kaiser is a STOTT PILATES® Trained Instructor. She has lived in the Claremont/La Verne area her Lisa Kaiser, Pilates Instructorwhole life and has been actively involved in the community. She began taking Pilates in 2006, and loved the benefits so much she wanted to share them with others. Teaching clients mind body awareness along with gaining flexibility and strength is her goal.

Her passion for fitness led her to become a fitness instructor in 2010, which she has found to be extremely fulfilling. She enjoys motivating clients to achieve their specific goals and needs. Lisa teaches mat and reformer, private, semi-private or group classes. Contact Lisa to schedule an appointment.


pilatesSharon Costello is a STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor. She began her fitness career in 1999 teaching Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels at a local club. Her clients range from rehab to serious athletes.

"The goal is to be strong yet mobile," Sharon says. "I believe Pilates will absolutely benefit everyone. It should be challenging yet enjoyable!"

Sharon’s love of Pilates grew after only a few sessions as a participant.

"I lifted weights for years yet couldn’t believe how strong I felt after Pilates," Sharon said. "Not only did I feel strong, I was standing taller and felt wonderful."

Sharon has been living in Claremont for over 17 years. She is married and has 2 children.

Certifications include STOTT PILATES®, Pilates Physical Mind Institute, Cycling and Bosu Balance Training. Contact Sharon to schedule an appointment. 

"Sharon is just amazing. Training with her has been an outstanding, priceless, and life changing experience. After going through a tough divorce and having scoliosis my body and spirit were very weak. Her love for Pilates, talent, knowledge, patience, care, compassion, loyalty, encouragement, and expertise were essential for my recovery. She has made me so much stronger and healthier than ever. She motivated me to get STOTT certified and now I teach at one of Americas Healthiest Clubs in a 5 star Community in Naples, Florida! I feel truly blessed to have found Sharon in my journey. I will be always thankful for what she has done for me. I miss her everyday." —Pamela


pilatesAndra Dumitrescu Andra has been a certified level 1 & 2 STOTT PILATES® Instructor since 2005.

Andras deep knowledge and understanding of the physical body comes from years of learning biology, as she holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in Biology.

She is able to train individuals on a variety of equipment, from matwork to reformer, Cadillac, chair and barrels. Andra also has an expertise in special populations, such as scoliosis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, hip, back, shoulder and knee injuries. Working with a variety of athletes to improve their core strength and flexibility is her strength as well as balancing certain physical weaknesses of the body.

She is currently attending Western University School of Veterinary Medicine.

Contact Andra to schedule an appointment.


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